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Safety and Health at Work

Management Measures Regarding Safety and Health at Work

Aware of its social responsibility and the importance of guaranteeing the safety of all its members, GALVANIZACIÓN TOLEDO wishes to provide the necessary means to effectively improve the conditions in which work activities are carried out, thus raising the level of well-being and job satisfaction.

To this end, the Management of GALVANIZACIÓN TOLEDO includes management measures regarding Safety and Health at Work in the general management of the company, establishing the following principles for its OSH Policy:

  • Develop, apply and maintain an OSH Management model, aimed at the continuous improvement of working conditions.
  • Acquire a serious commitment to the safety of our workers through the identification and evaluation of the risks to which they are exposed as well as the establishment of preventive measures aimed at eliminating or minimizing damage.

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A Quality Policy aimed at compliance with our clients' requirements

  • Guarantee compliance with current Occupational Safety and Health legislation, regulations and standards, which apply to each of the activities carried out by our company, as well as any other requirement that GALVANIZACIÓN TOLEDO voluntarily assumes.
  • Progressively establish objectives aimed not only at harm reduction, but also prevention, which will be reviewed and updated periodically as part of the continuous improvement process.
  • Carry out the training actions necessary for the development of the preventive policy, promoting information and awareness among all our workers and encouraging their involvement and participation at all levels.
  • Disseminate the GALVANIZACIÓN TOLEDO Occupational Safety and Health Policy among all subcontracted companies and other interested parties, ensuring their compliance with it when carrying out activities in our workplace.
  • Management voluntarily assumes the task of promoting this Occupational Safety and Health Policy, and effectively supports the necessary participation of all staff. To this end, it is committed to directing and motivating its employees to achieve the objectives proposed in the Occupational Safety and Health Management System.


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