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Hot dip galvanized DASt Richtline 022

Projects for Europe

Galvanizacion Toledo has been providing the galvanizing service for years according to Standard DASt Guideline 022. If you have projects in Europe, they will probably ask you to galvanize under this standard, don’t worry, we can help you, we have a lot of experience with large projects under this standard.

What does this standard provide and what benefits does it bring to your material?

When the metallic material to be galvanised is introduced into the galvanising furnace, a reaction begins between the material and the liquid zinc. The material starts to heat up from a maximum temperature of 90ºC obtained in the drying oven until it reaches 450ºC, the temperature of the zinc bath.

Each material has a different coefficient of expansion at different temperatures and these characteristics vary according to the chemical composition, geometry and production method of the material.

These characteristics of the steel could cause the material to become fragile and sometimes it could crack or crack; see the attached image where you can see a slight crack on the already galvanised material and from here we started to carry out research.

As a result of these studies and investigations, Directive DASt 022, Guide for the hot dip galvanisation of structural steels, was created.

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What does this standard require of us?

The German Steel Committee published the DASt 022 Directive in 2009 (Deutscher Ausschuß für Stahlbau DASt).

This standard requires us to work under special conditions that seek to improve quality and control the process to avoid any incidents. If you are interested in receiving more information about this, please contact us, we can provide you with all the information about the standard and explain how we work to achieve these quality standards.


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