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Steel analysis. mass spectrometer

Analysis of steels for our clients

Galvanización Toledo, as a specialized service company specializing in hot-dip galvanizing, has been offering a complete service to all its clients for many years and offers its clients the possibility of analyzing their steel.

Galvanización Toledo has Measurement means and equipment (all of them calibrated by Accredited Laboratories). We have 1 mobile mass spectrometer that allows us to analyze the molecular composition of steels and verify that these products comply with the reference standards that apply to them, EN 10034, EN 10051, EN 10055, EN 10143, EN 10163, EN 10219, etc…

We offer our clients the possibility of analyzing their steels and verifying whether they comply with the standards that apply or their needs. We can help them if they need it, indicating which steels are most suitable or suitable for the Galvanizing of their products. parts.

What is mass spectrometry and what is it for?

In the hot dip galvanising process and in the whole chemical process to which the steel is subjected; the acid bath, rinsing, immersion time in the molten zinc bath greatly influences the protection of the base steel. Hot-dip galvanising is more efficient and utilised, mainly because it is a very economical and versatile process, as it can be applied to products of all sizes and shapes.

The factors that most affect galvanising are the physical and chemical properties of the steel, the roughness of the steel and the percentage of element content in the steel, especially the proportion of silicon, which determines the thickness of the coating.

The mass spectrometer is a device that allows the composition of different chemical elements and atomic isotopes to be analysed with high precision by separating the atomic nuclei according to their mass to charge ratio (m/q); it is used to identify the different chemical elements in a compound, or to determine the isotopic content of different elements in the same compound.

In general terms, molecules have different masses, a fact that a mass spectrometer uses to determine which molecules are present in a sample.

In the facilities of Galvanización Toledo it is used to determine the steel quality of the products, to be able to offer the best possible finish of our galvanised products, this helps us to determine the best immersion time of the material inside the crucible and if this product has to spend more or less time in the pre-treatment line.

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