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Metal structures

Specialists in galvanizing structures for civil engineering, bridges, stairs, railings, parking structures, walkways, beams, pillars, etc…

Electrical sector and substations

Galvanization of lattice or truncated-conical pyramidal electrical towers, substations, equipment for urban solid waste plants and water treatment plants, etc…

Scaffolding, platforms, formwork

Specialists in galvanizing scaffolding, platforms for scaffolding, different accessories for the construction sector, etc…

Renewable energies: solar photovoltaic

Great experience and quality guarantee in the galvanization of profiles for the photovoltaic sector; special packaging, container loading and transportation.

Thermosolar and wind power

Galvanization of thermosolar and wind structures, lattice torque tubes, elicoidal tubes, piles, etc.; packaging, container loading and transportation.

Irrigation and hydraulic conduits

Galvanization of pipes for hydraulic conduits, irrigation accessories, pivots. Special packaging, container loading and transportation.

Railway Sector

Galvanization of railway transport components, supports, brackets, braces and catenary fittings, signaling cabins, shelters, infrastructure for the underground/subway.

Road Safety

Galvanization of components for road safety, barriers, supports for traffic signs and clearance gauges; custom packaging, container loading and transportation. We’ve been doing it for 50 years.

Agriculture and Livestock

Galvanization of components for outdoor agricultural and livestock facilities, greenhouses, tanks, etc.; custom packaging, container loading and transportation.

Urban furniture, Smart city

We galvanize components of street furniture such as bus stops, railings, dumpsters, parapets, porches, posts for fences, streetlights, poles, etc.. All to the highest standard.

Industrial systems and equipment

We galvanize components of industrial systems and equipment such as platforms for trucks, heavy machinery, trailers, airport equipment, etc.. All to the highest standard.

Steel pickling

We are specialists in stripping steel: wire coils, grills, any components that require pickling for subsequent treatments.

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From General Galvanization to thermo-lacquering, Centrifugal Galvanization, etc…

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