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Container loader

Load your container with us

Galvanización Toledo, as a specialized service company specialized in hot-dip galvanizing, has been offering a COMPLETE SERVICE to all its clients for many years, where it offers:

The possibility of LOADING CONTAINERS of any type.

Large daily load capacity.

If the client wishes, we can offer the service of shipping these containers to any point in the world (Shipping according to INCOTERMS 2020 standard, CONSULT).

We have 20 years of experience in direct exports, in 2019 we exported 14,000 mt on 4 continents.

3 loading platforms

To provide these services we have 3 loading platforms, being able to carry out shipments in any type of open container or Open-top and any closed container of 20 and 40 feet, being able to reach:

  • Maximum load: 28 Tm.
  • Loading capacity: 8 Tm/linear metre.
  • Standard average loading time for scheduled containers, from 45 minutes to 65 minutes.
  • All container shipments will be carried out in accordance with Container Stowage and Lashing Standards (The stowage and lashing of general cargo inside the container, when it travels only by sea, is recommended in accordance with the CTU Code – IMO/ILO/UNECE Guidelines, but there is no mandatory national or international legislation in this respect. However, if this container is used for intermodal transport with a road phase in Europe, it is obliged to comply with standard EN 12195-1, which in turn refers to the CTU Code. It is only in unimodal sea transport that it would not be mandatory).
  • All container loads are loaded with fumigated wooden blocks.
  • Our staff is trained in the uniform placement of the loads, their subsequent strapping to immobilise the cargo and their placement inside the container.

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Galvanización Toledo has more than 50 years’ experience in Galvanizing

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Our company policy is to help our customers to become increasingly competitive.

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