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Spin galvanized

Galvanized with Special Specifications

Galvanización Toledo, as a specialized service company specialized in hot-dip galvanizing, has been offering a COMPLETE SERVICE to all its clients for many years and offers the service of Centrifuged Galvanizing, this type of Galvanizing is similar in general but is specialized for small parts (anchors, connectors, nails, screws, corrugated rods, threaded…).

This type of galvanizing is according to the standard: UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 and production according to standard: UNE-EN-ISO 1461.

Small parts are galvanised by placing them in perforated metal baskets, which are introduced into the zinc bath at temperatures of up to 560ºC and then subjected to centrifugation for final draining so that excess zinc is removed during the centrifugation process to reduce the excessive thickness of the zinc in the screw threads or holes…… In addition, the temperature, speed, duration and immersion time of the centrifugation procedure can be adjusted individually for each product.

You get:

  • An EXCELLENT finish by removing excess Zn.
  • A PERFECT solution when you need to galvanise a large number of small parts.

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