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We are committed to the environment

Galvanización Toledo, having implemented the Management System under the ISO 14001:2015 Standard, is a company committed to the environment. With this system, we maintain our commitment to preventing environmental pollution originating in our facilities, whilst at the same time continuously upgrading in this area. Moreover, in 2021 we obtained the certificate of the European EMAS Regulation, certified by AENOR, which defines an environmental management and audit scheme open to any type of organization at an international level.

Climate change is one of the main environmental issues that our society faces and, aware of this reality, GALVANIZACIÓN TOLEDO has wanted to commit to the global trend of reducing GHG emissions (Greenhouse Gases) into the atmosphere and contributing to the fight against climate change through the mitigation of the environmental impact associated with its activity. To this end, the Carbon Footprint seal, certified by AENOR and registered with the Ministry of Ecological Transition, has been obtained.

GALVANIZACIÓN TOLEDO’s sense of social responsibility and its sensitivity to the Environment, drives us to develop an entire Environmental Policy and to use all the necessary means to preserve the environment from any possible impact derived from our activity, including environmental management measures in the general management of the company.

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Política medioambiental orientada al cumplimiento de los requisitos de sus clientes

The management of GALVANIZACIÓN TOLEDO establishes the following principles for its Environmental Policy:

  • Be consistent with the internal and external context of the organization, as well as the environmental aspects of its activities, products and services.
  • Acquire a serious commitment to the Environment through the reduction and proper management of:
    the waste produced, spills, and emissions and in general. Also, to eliminate or minimize any other form of pollution caused during the productive activities of GALVANIZACIÓN TOLEDO, as well as prevent pollution and fulfill any other requirements that may apply in this context.
  • Promote efficient use of resources used during the development of our activities, products or services.
  • Ensure compliance with current legislation, rules and environmental regulations, which are applicable to each of the activities carried out by our company.
  • Progressively establish objectives aimed at not only reducing, but preventing any impact on the Environment, by carrying out continuous upgrading of the company’s environmental behavior.
  • Promote awareness and respect for the Environment among GALVANIZACIÓN TOLEDO staff. Involve them in the environmental actions carried out by the company, through communication of the Environmental Policy and objectives, as well as appropriate training and the development of environmental awareness programs.
  • Disseminate among its suppliers, customers and the general public the purpose of GALVANIZACIÓN TOLEDO in improving and protecting the Environment.


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